Why most men think they have a small dick?

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Why most men think they have a small dick?

Average Width for having big fun

Overall, most men worry about the size of their penises because of what everybody else thinks and are fairly sensitive about those areas. When talking about the average penis width, it becomes a topic that is often the subject of jokes but unusually of serious conversations.

Having a large penis gives other men the perception that it makes everything easier especially when it comes to intimate connections and long-term relationships as the society thought and made us this way. It appears that having the greatest dick is totally making us sexually appealing to whom we want to have sex with whether we are gay or straight and this perception was being influenced by countless porn movies and penis enhancement commercials. Seeing a woman having this “whoa! He’s pretty big” expression to a man facing her with a dick like presenting it as an armored shield on porn medias gives us the urge to find if either we have the manhood’s size equivalent to him, or ours is just a little bigger, or just simply a “never mind” response after finding that his is incomparable to ours.  After watching tons of porn videos, hopefully, you’ll notice that men used in the videos are all having an average or above average penis width, thus, feeding us with the hype that it’s the standard and the preferred size and form that any woman would love to have.

None of this is true as it was all preferences and is just simply a widely oversimplified idea. Some women may have been taught thus believing that a larger penis is more pleasurable than a smaller one while some men may assume that all women aspire for big penises. That’s why men should understand and recognize that the size doesn’t really matter, it’s how you creatively use it.

Why most men think they have a small dick is because they never fail to compare theirs to other they see having preferable characteristic than them. Many also have experience of getting bullied or teased by friends and even by other men that aren’t close enough just because of having a smaller penis or a measurement disproportionate to someone’s body symmetry. But even women don’t escape from the devastation brought by the norm as having small boobs becomes a controversy once getting compared to girls with bigger boob’s size.

The fear of not having someone to accept and stay just because of what they have thought was an insufficiency and the thought of being incompetent compared to your lover’s previous sex partner’s penis took the greatest room of the reason why men get to grasp any available chance they could find, if there is, when they felt like they have the size sunk on the bottom of the chart.

Men fear that if their penises are too small they would be unable to satisfy their partners but this misconception must be never dwelt in as average penis width is nothing when someone is not equipped with the skills and ideas to work on techniques and foreplays. It’s not always the size that matters but how the master takes it to play.