Why it is important for men to have a big penis girth?

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Why it is important for men to have a big penis girth?

Dick Circumference

Nowadays, several experts on sexual health have looked into the issue about the significance of having a big penis girth and find that the penis dimension does really have a great impact on men’s mentality than women whom they’ve thought of having greater expectations and anticipations from men. Some studies have concluded that the measurement that matters more is actually the girth.

But what do ladies really think about girth as it seems that they do in fact care more about the girth than they do about the length and how great its importance?

When it comes to sexual fulfillment and preferences, factors such as the length of intercourse or the endurance of both parties to reach orgasm on the desired duration and the man’s erectile capacity play a much deeper role in female pleasure which could sometimes nullify the belief that a greater penis dimension provides a great advantage. The relationship between penis size and female satisfaction during intercourse comes down to the understanding of vaginal orgasm. Studies found that aiming for an average penis circumference was irrelevant to clitoral orgasm recurrence as vaginal orgasms in women tend to be quite rare.

When we look back to a woman’s anatomy, men’s anxiety to their penis’ length is worthless as the most sensual part of a woman was on the entrance of her vagina, not on the inside as she has more nerve endings surrounding the entrance of the vagina versus inside the vaginal canal, that’s why a thicker girth could give a woman a deeper penetration and more aroused. Moreover, the average vagina is less deep than the length of the average penis which signifies that most men have already enough penis size needed for stimulation.

We may have always thought that the bigger is better when it comes to sex topic and have pinpointed the girth’s importance over the length as most women really emphasize its weight more than the other. Noticeably, taller men are anticipated for having larger penises which both characteristics increase attractiveness. As based on several studies, women set the preferences of varying a man’s body proportion to his penis’ dimension as larger penises appear to be more important when being with bigger men.

Though women may unstoppably prove that the size doesn’t really matter, but these won’t stop men from thinking and wondering. Having a bigger penis girth is important to men as they also have their own standard set in determining their own capability as a man and as a partner. Many have always thought that the most preferred penis measurement does really contribute to the overall frame of a man, satisfying the overall characteristic sought by many as a partner. This misconception does really exist in our minds without even knowing when and all we just have thought is how.

According to other women’s statement, gathered to settle man’s anxiety and depression towards himself, aside of having the greater penis length and girth, other sexual factors in determining good sex for women are the dedication, zest and art to win a woman’s heart, and the feeling of having the intimate connection are what count the most . And overall, that’s totally hot and masculine, and no extra numbers in the ruler needed.