What a girl wants when she is looking for a man?

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What a girl wants when she is looking for a man?

Average Size and Girls

Every woman is different and so their wants. Many have said that when it comes to a relationship, women do have the same preferences and likes which sounds ridiculous for me as a woman as we may have a lot of things in common but women have different views and desire for a relationship. Women may have set standards for which they call a perfect boyfriend or husband which men claimed these qualities to be so hard to find, but they are qualities of which every “man” is capable of.

Here, allow me to tackle some of the basic qualities and characteristics that a woman looks forward to a man she’s currently into.

First and foremost, an epitome of respect. Men who are still in the first phase of the relationship mostly show too much time, effort and attention which really flatters a woman to feel like she is really scared of. When the time comes that trial seems to find its way into the relationship and men feel like everything is out of place and what was once is fantasy becomes now a haunted reality, they’ll just leave and left their woman hanging, waiting for a call or just for a simple explanation. Everybody deserves a valid and acceptable reason. I know some words are hard to say and to accept but simply we just don’t care, we would rather know the truth than never know at all.

Next is a man who has the initiative. Girls are interested in a man who can manifest some leadership. This is commonly the reason why most dating scenes turn out like a fighting movie as misunderstanding never fails to arouse just because of the simple mistake of forgetting or just being shy to initiate. Women do really have this failure of choosing the final place where to eat or what kind of food she would like to order, but basically, its because mostly they’d love to let her man initiate and shows her like he knows her well even the simplest food she would crave at a specific moment.

A man who puts some time into grooming and body sanitation. A woman wants to see a man who takes care of his appearance including his sense of dressing and applying basic health sanitation just like the cleanliness to his teeth, fingernails, skin, and hair. As negligence to certain areas would represent poor quality and is subjected to discouragement.

A man with broad shoulders. This quality represents masculinity and ensuring security. Any woman would love to go anywhere with a man with compact and broad shoulders as it could make her feel protected,  spoiled and will unquestionably ignite her estrogens level.

Practicing and living with a healthy mindset. Showing your girl how you could handle some arguments and manage your anger give her the positive impression towards you. This behavior also displays a person’s maturity and would help your woman to build her trust and confidence that everything on the future will be peacefully dealt with no matter what’s the root of the argument.

Last but not the least, the overall shape of your manhood. I was prettily amused with what Rajesh Chhabra, a B.E. Civil Engineering in Delhi Technological University stated that, “Whenever I (and other boys with me) go to a park for jogging, girls (coming from opposite direction) first stare at the part of trousers which covers the penis for few seconds, then look at each other, and then cross us jogging.” This could be a small detail but getting a woman to notice you of having an average male penis size would really make her paint those mischievous smile on her lips.

But always bear in mind that no matter who you are or what you got, always have a confidence in yourself. Nothing is sexier than a man who recognizes who he is and doesn’t make any pretenses for it, but just accepts it and simply lives with it.