Proven methods to increase penis size

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Proven methods to increase penis size

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It’s not the discovery of man to his own manhood’s size inferior to the other manhood’s sizes that merely create such imperative perception of satisfaction when it comes to the sexual being of the human, but the existence of products and practices that mentally feed as with promises of giving the difference that would surely serve our pursuits. Men have paid for hundreds of millions of dollars on penile enlargement products in the expectation that they would work according to its highly paid advertisements and posters, while others opt for a natural technique and needs not money but complete discipline and time as investments just like jelqing.

When women have been examined about what they desire in a lover, commonly they talk about the attitude, the beliefs in life, a good family background, the educational attainment and even the physical features that can be easily seen by everyone and it is rare to hear a woman who could openly say about the manhood’s size as one of her standard of finding her ideal man. As a result, most sexologists state that size doesn’t matter.

Men are more indulge in finding pleasure by watching porn videos than women and obtain perceptions such as the larger manhood is far greater than the smaller one as they could find women on videos moan deeper and has deeper satisfaction when they are with men who have bigger manhood and this scenario sometimes severe their confidence in themselves comparing theirs to the others, forcing them to seek for a solution. Some may settle for surgery and pills, while others opt for natural and cost-free methods such as particular exercises for boosting penis’ length and girth.  Here we’ll tackle about the most applied exercise by most men termed as “jelqing” pronounced as “jel-king”.

Jelqing is completely safe when performed correctly with proper warm-up and cool down and not overdone and with dedicated jelqing exercise routines performing for 5 – 20 minutes a day, 2 – 5 days a week. There are a lot of sources you could utilize whenever you don’t have the idea on how to execute and the steps listed below is one of the ways you could find throughout the Web.

Basic step-by-step method of jelqing execution:

  • Before you start jelqing, it is very important to lubricate your penis with baby oil, Vaseline, or another penis lubricant to limit the possibility of injuries and for you to operate on the entire surface of your penis comfortably and smoothly.
  • Penis erection level to 50 – 75 percent is important to attain before performing the method and it should be relaxed enough that it’s easy to push blood through it. Always remember to never execute the method whenever your penis never reaches the specified erection condition to prevent further concerns and to achieve the desired result.
  • Hold your penis using your thumb and main pointer finger forming an OK hand signal and place the grip around the base of your penis, as close to your pubic bone as you can.
  • Now squeeze your organ applying light pressure on the grip and gently move it up your penis. It is recommended to apply jelqing pressure that does not hurt or damage the skin but effectively forces blood up the penis and stop the grip immediately before it reaches your glans.
  • Then just repeat the process until you reach the specified duration which is 5 – 20 minutes a day.

If your erection appears to have an improvement, then just keep boosting your routine with more sets and more advanced techniques.