More Pleasure in the Bedroom with Some Simple Techniques

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More Pleasure in the Bedroom with Some Simple Techniques

Jelqing and penis size

Unsatisfied with your present manhood size and looking for solutions? Do you have a partner who has satisfaction needs when it comes to bed? Does she felt the lacking when it comes to the size or length of your manhood? Well, you’re on the right page to look for an aid.

Introducing one of the many methods that caught the eye of many: Jelqing. When it comes to this natural approach, the internet displays loads of assertive discussions on what is jelqing and how it works though there is a shortage when it comes to experimental researches and scientific proofs.

People particularly men who are habitually doing jelqing settled with it simply because of its simplicity, effectiveness and controllable manner when it comes to attaining penis enlargement. The motions used in jelqing involve the smooth and gentle stretching and pulling of the male organ with adequate control to boost the blood contained in penis structure during an erection.

According to individuals who have tried this jelqing technique regularly, it could take at least a month to see visible results In some cases and should be patient for four months to feel satisfied with the outcomes. Jelqing guarantees to increase the length of the penis by up to 10% while the girth of the penis by up to 7% and could be possibly more if you are lucky enough. Compared to increasing the penis length, it is relevant for you to understand that increasing the penis girth is tougher and takes a longer time, which is why patience goes well with moderation and control.

Jelqing is one of the most famous and helpful exercises when it comes to sustaining erection hardness and quality, enhancing ejaculation response, and enlarging penis size and girth out of all the different exercises for penis enlargement that exist as men can simply and independently create what they call a minimalist routine.

But before and after the execution of the method, you have to remember the importance of warming up and cooling down just like before and after exercising as both are crucial in preventing injury and allowing yourself to enjoy your routines.

Listed below are some common ways used by men to warm up before doing jelqing:

  • Take a hot shower
  • Cover a warm cloth or hand towel around the penis
  • Apply a heating pad
  • Use a bath mate penis pump
  • Use a hot rice-filled sock

As it is highly recommended to apply some lubricants before performing the jelqing exercise, one must never use soap as a jelqing lubricant as if any chance it could get inside your urethra opening, then it will be surely painful as hell.

There are also a bunch of devices available in the market to aid you in your jelqing exercise as there are areas that can be hard for you to sustain your OK-grip. As this method is essentially free and focuses on your girth’s enlargement, but this really requires the time and effort to make it effective bearing positive results. This method is not intended for lazy individuals as they could just stop whenever they felt bored and tired and much worst, won’t even find the need and time to clean up after the session which is gross.

Know that there are different variations on how to perform the jelqing technique so you don’t have to worry of getting bored along the way as you’ll be more observant and needed to be attentive while getting hint or signal from your own body on when to start and when to stop.