Should You Really Care About Average Penis Size? I Reveal The Shocking Truth

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Should You Really Care About Average Penis Size?

I Reveal The Shocking Truth!

I’ve come across many men who are insecure about their penis size, and one of the questions they always ask is what is the average penis size in the world?Now I’m not a urologist or someone who has gone around the world measuring the length of penises. But the reason I get asked a lot is that it has been known amongst mostly friends that I was able to increase my size. Though before you can gauge exactly how significant my increase in size was it’s important to first establish a baseline measurement for normal penis size.Fortunately, for me and many of those reading this rather strange yet hopefully useful article, there are some people who have gone around the world with a tape measure. They are somewhat authorities on normal penis size, and because they are doctors, they can get away with this weirdness associated with them (no matter, how long your penis is, you can always increase your sexual performance with Max Performer Pills).What is the average penis size?

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What is the average penis size?

Penis Size ChartHonestly, its way smaller than you expected. When it comes to average penis girth (which is the measurement around the head of the penis), the average is 3.7 inches flaccid. On the other hand, there is a slight increment to 5.2 inches in length when it is fully erect, with a 4.6 inches circumference.Yes, I know probably most people are disappointed at this point mainly because all those guys in porn have average penile length measuring the size of our arms. The fact is that we all don’t look like A-list actors, they are a rare breed of people. The same goes for people with monster penises apparently…but there is more.

Average Dick Size – The King’s College Study

Average Penis SizeI can tell you from personal experience or more like insecurity that having a comparatively small penis made me anxious.However, back then I never knew anything about the normal penis size of most men. I like most people reading this assumed that people had monsters in their pants. Worried about being big enough was a problem I wrestled with for years, and so it appears that researchers at King’s College had the same nightmares.In a bid to help men like us who were dealing with something called Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is just a fancy way of saying feeling anxious about a small sized dick, the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience at King’s College London conducted a thorough review.They then evaluated and put together a comprehensive study which set my rather troubled mind at ease.It is currently one of the most comprehensive reviews or study drawing data from over 17 studies with nearly 16000 participants. While the goal was not to crown a perfect penis size, it was to set the mind of literally millions of men at ease.The average dick size was found to be 3.6 inches or 9.16 centimeters in normal conditions. Though when erect it was 5.2 inches or 13.12 centimeters.The data clearly shows that six inches is pretty much the average and is not even close to the sizes you either see in the media or hear in conversations.Quick fun facts about average penile lengthNow I’ve discussed a bit about the study and provided some personal insight into average penis width and average penis circumference. However, the below quick and interesting facts will help you feel much better about your sexuality:

  • A survey conducted amongst women found that 85% percent of them were perfectly happy with the average size, and width. So, the proportions was not something they complained about. Though men usually made women uncomfortable by being insecure about it.
  • You are not alone! A whopping 45% of men believe that they have a very small.
  • Studies show that the average length of a flaccid penis was between 7 and 10 centimeters which is around 2.8 to 3.9 inches.
  • Average penis girth when in a flaccid state was around 10 centimeters which is around 5 inches.
  • When erect it can be between 12 and 16 centimeters which is between 4.7 and 6.3 inches.
  • The girth when erect is 12 centimeters on average or 4.7 inches.

How to measure your penis and when is it too small?

How to measure penis sizeNow before you go off on a tangent talking about how you sized up your manhood against a good friend who was twice your size, let’s talk about good scientific measurement. Maybe you have the perfect penis size and just don’t know it.Measuring your penis is the first step to determining if you’re suffering from micropenis syndrome or if you actually have a micro pea shooter down there.Start by procuring calipers and a thin tape measure. Place your penis in the calipers, close it and make note of its circumference. Do the same when your penis is erect.Then use a thin tape measure and place it right from where the penis starts and hold it till the tip. Make sure that there isn’t any bulging in the tape or you’re not pulling on it. Make note of its size in this manner both when it’s flaccid and erect.Now that you have these measurements on paper, it is time to determine if, in fact, your manhood is too small. The best way to gauge if your penis is too small is to use the threshold or penis size chart that doctors use when recommending penile augmentation.So what is the average penis size?The Journal of Urology studied average male penis size men and measured their dimensions both prior to and after a drug-induced erection. Once averages were established they concluded that only men who had flaccid lengths of less than 4 centimeters or 1.6 inches or erect length of less than 7.5 centimeters or 3 inches should be considered for formal penile augmentation.Penile augmentation for those who don’t know is the lengthening of the penis with the help of surgery.

How to measure penis size based on what women want?

Most men are trying to live up to what I like to call a misplaced belief that women want guys with giant dicks. While the penis size chart used by doctors is one way to clinically know that you’re okay in 90% of the cases, you may still be insecure especially around females.The fact is that most ladies really don’t want large guys, so the worry is unfounded. In most cases, men just view their perfectly normal penis as small for no reason.One reason for this is that looking down from above makes it look small as compared to looking at it from the front, or the side.So, how to measure penis size? Well, ask women!But short of going to a bar and speaking to every woman about size, you could read a study published in the British Journal of Urology International. The study suggests that 85% of women had to problem with average sized penises. Though on the flip side 45% percent of men felt that they were too small and yet researchers found that micro or small penis sizes were very rare.A total of 170 women answered a series of questions in one study. The study concluded while women cared about size to some extent, it was only a minority of women who actually gave a damn about guys with king dongs.While men are primarily worried about the length of their penises when they search for how to increase penis size articles, for women it was more the width according to the study. The 50 or so sexually active undergrad women reported that the width mattered more to them when it comes to sexual satisfaction than length.Interestingly it mattered for 45 out of the 50 women surveyed. So, if you’re going to worry might as well worry about average penis width and not length so much.Perfect Dick SizeWomen are not looking for men with large penisesYou may think that the Average Penis Size we are discussing here are rather small compared to all your favorite porn stars and you are right but there is a reason for it. A recent published in PLOS ONE back in November of 2015 found that for women size does matter but not the way most men think it does.The researchers took 33 3D printed models of various size penises. The women were then asked to pick one of the 33 sizes. The sizes ranged from 4 to 8.5 inches with an average penis width ranging from 2.5 inches to 7 inches. Keep in mind that previous studies have shown that the average American when erect has six inches in length and 5 inches in girth. All the plastic models were blue so as not to suggest a particular race.The 75 women asked to choose a model made various selections across the board mainly dependent on the type of relationship they thought about. The result concluded was that most women preferred a size which was slightly above average male penis size. However, there were a few other interesting observations made such as:

  • The women gave long-term sexual partners more leeway, and they chose a shorter circumference and length as a whole compared to if they were picking a guy for a one-night stand. The average they chose was 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in circumference.
  • The one-night stand partner of their choice would have 6.4 inches in length and 5.0 inches in girth.

So, once you know how to measure penis size, it is easy to understand what type of relationship you’ll probably be in!

How to increase penis size?

Most men ask how to increase penis size assuming that they are smaller than the average male.However, as a man how, many other average male penis size have you seen and measured yours against lately?I would go out on a limb and suggest that most men haven’t and are simply measuring their manhood against male porn starts capable of going an hour with an equally outrageous female star. That’s the reason why one study suggested that most men who were seeking surgery to lengthen their penis had an overestimated view of their size.Out of the 67 men who complained off a small penis in a study, none had severely short lengths. Though that has not deterred the number of men seeking penis lengthening surgery.

Does losing weight take you up a notch on the penis size chart?

Man Losing Weight To Increase His Penis SizeNow if you’ve been reading articles about how to increase penis size by reducing weight, well wait! A 2015 study conducted in Saudi Arabia studied 778 men between the ages of 20 and 82 who had visited a urologist and showed interest in getting penis augmentation.They wanted to know what is the average penis size in obese men. The researchers measured both penis sizes and the body mass index (BMI) which tends to increase as a person becomes more obese. No conclusive correlation was found between BMI and a shorter penis length.While I always thought that the penis will appear shorter when there is more fat under the skin, but that does not mean it is small. Also, age does not play a role in size, so your penis does not shrink as you become older. However, there was a very small difference in size between men aged 20 and 70, but, i.e., less than a centimeter.

What does all of this mean?

Well, in a nutshell, it means that you’re only insecure. In all probability, you don’t have a small penis. It is average at most, and it does not mean that you can’t get laid.The penis size does tend to vary from one region to the next, but women aren’t losing sleep over it. So, the Average Penis Size and how you measure up against it does not matter whether you’re married, in a relationship or have just entered into Protection Status [tcb-script src=”//”] [/tcb-script]

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