Men talking about their size – isn’t girth even more important?

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Men talking about their size – isn’t girth even more important?

Penis girth

Welcome to the modern world where man has the gut to ask sensual matters as women have now the confidence to answer. As many have wondered if do penis length does really matter, others are more curious about the girth’s dimension and how it plays its role when it comes to pleasure in bed. According to most women that have been asked by the question if which do they really preferred to have the best characteristic, girth is perceived as the most important and length is less so.  As men thrive to obtain greater length as they perceive that having it would boost their confidence and performance but women, on the other hand, really only notice length in the negative sense as longer isn’t always better. In fact, more women are going to express positively of an above average penis girth than the super long penis that guys seem most concerned with.

It was said that having the greater girth works best for the most couple than having the greater length as repetitive rubbing of the women’s vaginal wall requires a heavier charge from their partner to experience a much intense sensation during sex. Looking back to a human’s anatomy, the penis with greater girth dimension bumps a wider area when finding its way into the vagina that contains sensitive nerve endings as the tighter it gets into the vaginal walls, the more pressure it has to stimulate the nerve endings, producing a much intense sensation for orgasm.

Sexologists and experts acknowledge that the bigger penis girth is more vital than the length in the long run when it comes to sustaining both strength and consistency of the male’s sexual organ. But could the vaginal canal cater any kind of penis dimensions? Well then, the vagina entrance naturally expands and adjust to the penis size, considering that it could provide a path when delivering a newly born baby.

You have to know that the majority of the sex-sensitive nerve endings can be found close to the vaginal entrance and that is why girth matters over length. The first 3 inches deep into the vaginal entrance wall is considered as the most sensitive area that’s why many studies showed that 3.4 or 3.5 inches of a penis can already complete the job. And why does again, the girth matters the most? Because the bigger the penis can fill the vaginal walls, the better the sexual sensation it offers.

Other than having the ideal dimension of girth, one of the greatest factors in settling how a penis becomes efficient inside a vagina is the positioning, so you should experiment with all kinds of various entry angles and see which ones work best as not all women have the same comfortable positions, as the knowledge the said factor could aid in maximizing your penis measurement without getting your partner feel uneasy and painful. Always remember that the penis length or the girth’s dimension is not just the factor to consider in order to attain a pleasurable night in bed with your loved one, but mastering some techniques when it comes to positioning to boost your performance is essential in completing such goal.