Male Extra Pills: Are They Really Working or a Scam?

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Male Extra Pills: Are They Really Working or a Scam?

Male Extra Positive or Negative

Results somewhat vary in time and body tolerance as some people need more time while others don’t just to notice its visible results. Some might say the price is a little steep which they could count it as its disadvantage but examining male extra results, getting the greatest gains out of the best product available on the market is absolutely worth it.

The formula is proven effective, containing some notable and potent ingredients that can benefit men with having better erections which also one should experience the full potential of the pills in a couple of days and after a couple of weeks after a regular pills intake on a daily basis. Another advantage of this pill is that you don’t need any prescription to get it. Many users noticed their penis grow a little bigger gradually and ending up not knowing their own penis anymore because of its new totally different and healthier look. It’s expected for the penis’ form and condition to change.

Each bottle contained 90 pills that would supply you for a month of regular intake which is 3 pills every day as recommended. What makes other users think of it as a scam? Because of its promises? I agree with that. Because of its effects? And I also agree with that. But it doesn’t signify that I doubted Male Extra’s efficiency when it comes to bettering the sexual life of its every user. I believe that some men thought of it as a scam because they haven’t gained their expected results as being promised. But a question, were they able to follow the recommended intake of this particular enhancement pill or just gave up after a week or a month of using it? Yes, the manufacturer promises of its certain results but it does really need compliance. Promising about first noticeable results after only a few weeks is a right pitch as it doesn’t clearly set the precise duration. It’s not just plainly a marketing strategy but considering that humans don’t have the same physiology and so does our tolerance to chemical compounds, the arrival of the promised effects does really vary from one person to another.

To vividly support my argument, listed below are some of its potent ingredients which are very popular for its effects and has been used since the ancient times.


It is an amino acid commonly found in fish and red meat and is well-known for its effects on blood flow circulation. It stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide which is primarily responsible for blood flow regulation and generates a firmer erection and improved penis size in return.

Pomegranate Extract

This ingredient is found on a fruit known for its certain effects as a natural Viagra named Pomegranate. Just like L-Arginine, it has a great impact on blood flow. This element acts as a natural anti-oxidant as it helps your body to fight against free radicals, keeping your skin and muscles healthy.


Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a mineral created from Sulphur crucial for the health of tissues and cells in the body. It works well in renewing muscle tissues and promoting blood circulation.


This amino acid acts as an antihistamine which helps to block or lower the levels of Histamine in the body to regulate your orgasm and prevent premature ejaculation while enhancing your stamina during intercourse.


This mineral is vital for a healthy production of sperm and testosterone to increase sex drive and sustain a healthy erection and is proven that when consumption is doubled, an individual would obtain boosted libido, better erections, and a better sperm count.


It is one of a kind mushroom well-known expensive but effective aphrodisiac fungus that can be found only high in the Himalayas. It enhances sexual functions and sex drive by increasing oxygen levels in the blood.


This element is a vitamin B3 that aids in diminishing fatigue after physical exercise and erectile dysfunction to maintain an erection and strength.

To put it simply, Male Extra is not a scam and does certainly works because of the formulation and when combined with penis exercises, it can positively change your sex life significantly.