VigRX Plus Review



VigRX Plus Review

How VigRX Plus works to improve your Sexual Desire


VigRX Plus contains a Powerful Natural Enhancer... The Damiana

VigRX Plus is one of the best natural male enhancement pills in the market today. It is made from ancient old natural herbs that work hand-in-hand to produce the best possible results when it comes to helping men with erectile dysfunction.

It is not a penis fix product but a penis enlargement pill that ensures you erect and enjoy longer sex session. This product only helps increase the blood flow to your penis so that it erects and be all-masculine and hard for proper penetration. It also increases the semen load and ensures that you cum more than usual.

Moreover, it has been clinically tested and comes highly recommended by professional doctors as it is all-natural with almost null side effects in accordance with your body and immune system.

In addition, VigRx Plus Male enhancers are the best forms of pills for men when compared to other chemically produced penis pills like Viagra. Besides, it has been on the market for over 10 years servicing customers since 2001.

When it comes to the purchase of VigRx for men, always buy VigRx Plus pills from its website. Otherwise, you will end up with a fake product with no money-back guarantee whatsoever.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRx Plus natural male erection pills are one of the most sought after penis increment pills for men with erectile dysfunction. It comes highly recommended by credible doctors as it is made from ancient old natural healing herbs.

The herbs have been known to cure erectile dysfunction for centuries. They include BioPerine, Damiana and Puncture Vine, Epimedium leaf extract and Gingko Leaf, Asian Red Ginseng, Hawthorn Berry as well as Aphrodisiac herbs like Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Catuba Bark Extract, and Saw Palmetto Berry.

This VigRx ingredients list only work well when mixed in appropriate ratios. As much as all the herbs are great for erectile dysfunction, only the correct measurement produces the best result and Albion Medical does that very well with VigRx Plus penis enlargement pills for men.

It works just fine with mild side effects like heavy sweating and headaches depending on your body. So, in case you have any medical condition like prostate cancer, diabetes, and schizophrenia or prostate enlargement diseases then consult a doctor first before use.

But, healthy men should never worry regardless of age. Just keep the recommended dose and eat healthy, exercise and drink loads of water and you will be fine.

Some reasons for why I purchased VigRX Plus at first...




  • Must Take Twice Pills Daily.

What makes VigRX Plus better than its competitors

  • It comes highly recommended by doctors-This all-natural libido pills for men is highly reputable and backed with some of the most credible doctors with years of experience in various forms of erectile dysfunction as well as their drugs. One credible doctor is Dr. Steven Lamm, author of the Hardness Factor.
  • It has been clinically tested-VigRx Plus supplement facts have been clinically tested and approved for consumption for all men, regardless of age. The company that produces it has been on the market doing tests and researching more ingredients to help improve it, for more than 10 years.
  • It is all natural-The best part about this VigRx for men is that it is all natural with zero side effects. VigRx Plus pills side effects are always minimal and depend on your body. The ingredients that make it have been used for centuries to treat different forms of erectile dysfunction in Chinese medicine.
  • It has money-back guarantee-VigRx pills always comes with a money return policy in case you are not satisfied with its performance within the first two months. The guarantee is for 67 days and you can return it even if you have used the whole package. The only catch is that you have to buy VigRx Plus from its website.
  • It has loads of raw positive testimonials from its users-This is one of the most sought after male increment pill. It is much better than synthetically produced penile enhancers in the market. VigRx reviews are in numbers and often speak for themselves. It comes highly recommended by its avid users.
  • Optimized dosing– VigRx ingredients list is always maximized per dose for better results and manufactured according to the appropriate ratio for overall performance and zero risks. It is all natural and quality with zero fillers and consistent results. You will never get any serious side effects and the headaches and sweats often disappear within days of use.
  • It has a scientifically engineered formulation-VigRx Plus is as a result of 10 years of research and tests. It has been continuously developed and refined to perfection for overall male performance in the bedroom. It does what is advertises.
  • It is affordable– Original VigRx Plus is much affordable given its quality performance and natural formulation. Compared to other prescribed or natural male pills this one is much better in price as you won’t need to seek further medical assistance in case of overdose.

How does VigRX Plus work

VigRx pills often work miracles when it comes to penile enhancement. It can change your sex life in a matter of months and make your erections more regular than usual.

VigRx Plus pills work in more ways than one when it comes to erectile dysfunction. It generally improves the blood flow to your genitals and as a result, your penis becomes fuller, larger and harder for proper erection.

You should take a point to known that some of the erectile dysfunctions can be due to less blood flow to the genitals making it impossible for the penis to erect properly. VigRx Plus pills work for the good of your entire body by ensuring your genitals receive the right amount of blood for longer satisfying sex.

It also increases the semen and sperm load in your penile making you have longer and satisfying orgasms with your sex partner. So, if you are planning to conceive, you can use VigRx Plus so as to generate more sperms for conception.

Basically, VigRx Plus gives you energy and adds you stamina during sex. Moreover, it increases your overall sexual performance by ensuring you are at your best during all sexual encounters.

For better results always use VigRx pills as stipulated by a credited doctor or nurse. Otherwise, your initial sex problems will return. In addition, if you want a more permanent result you will have to add in some exercises every now and then and eat healthy food produce.

The benefits of VigRx Plus pills are always physically seen and can be felt during sexual performance. It works best when compared to other chemically manufactured stamina pills for men.

However, you should note that VigRx Plus pill does not heal any mentally disturbing sexual issues or fix any bad physical appearance of your penis.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

VigRx Pills is made from some of the most natural herbs with zero side effects. Here are some of the most reliable and effective VigRx ingredients list.

  • BioPerine - This is an all-natural ingredient made from Indian black pepper fruit and into an extracted piperine. It basically increases the absorption of nutrients when mixed with other natural VigRx ingredients list of herbs. Moreover, it is patented and clinically tested in the U.S.
  • Damiana and Puncture Vine - Damiana has been used for centuries as a male aphrodisiac and is better known for its effects on curing low libido. Puncture Vine, on the other hand, increases testosterones and overall male strength. It also boosts male sex drive and reduces the chances of being impotent.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract - Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this ingredient is responsible for increased blood flow to the penis. It relaxes the smooth muscles tissues including the arteriole of the corpus cavernosum, allowing for increased blood flow to the penis to erect harder and stronger for proper erection.
  • Gingko Leaf Extract - This herb is full of antioxidants and provides the recommended energy for better sexual performance. It aids in blood flow to the penis for better and stronger erections. Moreover, it also helps with sexual desires and excitements as well as men’s orgasm and sexual aftermath.
  • Asian Red Ginseng - This herb is a variation of Panax Ginseng and is known for increasing stamina and strength during sex. It makes the penis erect for proper penetration. Moreover, it is very efficient in the treatment of various forms of erectile dysfunction. Generally, it is a genuine aphrodisiac that was used centuries back in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Hawthorn Berry - This natural herb is full of Phytochemicals, a naturally occurring chemical that promotes one’s overall health. It is great for erectile dysfunction and aids in the circulation of blood by dilating the coronary blood vessels for proper blood pressure.
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract - This is a very useful herb for men’s erectile dysfunction as it helps with impotence healing. It also improves male virility and desire for sex.
  • Catuba Bark Extract - This ingredient is best known for improving sexual desires and libido in men. It can actually increase the frequency of your sexual activities and strengthen your libido by influencing your blood vessels to increase blood flow to your genitals. It is also a strong stimulant that increases overall sexual energy and general performance.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry - This herb is known for its sex drive and improvement qualities. It calms the male organs thus allowing for increased blood circulation to the penile. In addition, it keeps you in control during sex. Besides, it influences the prevention of testosterones transformation process into dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

Clinical Studies: What are VigRX Plus Results

There have been several studies and clinical trials done for VigRx Plus pills for men. These studies have proven that original VigRx Plus is ideal for consumption and that it is safe for use even in the long run.

The studies have also revealed its effectiveness when it comes to using. Compared to other male stamina pills original VigRx pills outshine and surpasses all other natural and chemically produced penis enhancers.

In one of the most strictly controlled studies of 75 men between the age of 25-50, VigRx Plus was found to be very effective when compared to Placebo male enhancer. The study was conducted for a period of 84 days by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD.

The study was a triple-blind placebo-controlled where half of the subjects randomly received VigRx Plus and the other half randomly received Placebo pills for men.

Basically, the study looked at different male erectile functions and their percentage increment when Placebo was used and when VigRx Plus was used.

The overall results showed that VigRx Plus improved the overall sexual performance of the men studied against Placebo which was rather unsatisfactory in so many levels.

The benefits of VigRx Plus largely outweighed that of Placebo when it came to erectile function, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction.

The dramatic overall VigRx results were as follows:

  • There was a 62.82% gain in the ability to achieve and maintain an erection
  • There was a 22.49% increment in the number and intensity of orgasms during sex
  • There was a 61% boost on overall sex drive and desire
  • There was a 59.97% increase in the ability to properly penetrate a partner
Placebo, on the other hand, had very low results with around 10% increment in intercourse satisfaction and below 5% data on erectile function, orgasmic function and overall sexual desire and drive. Its overall sexual satisfaction was below negative, a very alarming result for this male enhancer, but good news for VigRx Plus customers.

In addition to all these, there have been loads of other clinical studies that have shown the overall performance and benefits of using VigRx Plus pills.

Some of them include:

  • Evaluation of Aphrodisiac Activity
  • Rho-Kinase Inhibition Assay
  • Analysis for ED APIs
  • Acute Oral Toxicity Study
  • Safety, Efficacy and Purity Study
  • Ames Test of Tablet Blend

VigRX Plus FAQs

  1. How long does VigRx take to work
  • Answer. It often takes about a month for VigRx Plus to start working. You will notice a change in erections and well as a fuller penis. After two months you can expect increased vigor and stamina as well as sex drive. In the third month, you will now reap the fuller benefits of an enlargement penis, increased stamina, and libido.

    1. How much does VigRx Plus Cost?
  • Answer. It is very affordable and comes in monthly supplies with a one month supply up to a year’s supply. You can just order VigRx Plus and it will be shipped in a secure boxed package.

    1. When to take VigRx Plus
  • When it comes to taking VigRx Plus, always ensure you are full never take it on an empty stomach. You can take it immediately after a heavy breakfast and at night after dinner.

    1. VigRx Plus-How to use
  • Always take one tablet twice a day, in the morning and at night.

    1. About VigRx Plus-Will there be any side effects
  • Answer. It has no side effects and is made from an all-natural formulation that works wonders on your genitals, risk-free. This non-prescription male enhancer is safe for use even in the long run. You just have to keep the recommended dosage and you will be fine.

    1. What types of guarantee do I get?
  • Answer. You can always get your money back in case you are not satisfied with VigRx Plus pills. It does not matter if you have used the pills, as long as it is within the first 67 days after purchase you can make a claim.

    1. VigRx Plus for sale-Where to buy VigRx Plus
  • VigRx Plus price is much better on its website.

VigRX Plus Side Effects and how to avoid them

VigRx Plus is known for its superb performance with zero to minimal side effects depending on the individual’s health. But you can rest assured as some of VigRx Plus pills side effects only last a few days after the first dose.

As much as all VigRx ingredients list are natural sometimes they can have some effects on an individual especially if you are allergic to some of its natural products.

Some of the VigRX Plus male enhancers’ side effects include mild headaches, slight dehydration as a result of frequent urinations and abnormal sweating.

However, you should take note that these VigRx side effects can be avoided with the right kind of information in place like eating healthy, exercising and drinking loads of water. You should also take the right kind dose when beginning to use original VigRx Plus for men. Otherwise, you might end up with even serious side effects.

Moreover, you can also avoid some of these side effects by always taking VigRx Plus after meals and not on an empty stomach. Likewise, also ensure you take loads of water as you will be frequently urinating. This will limit the level of dehydration and frequent headaches.

You should also be within the right weight range for proper consumption of VigRx for men or the medication will take a big toll on your overall health.

In addition, VigRx Plus side effects can also be controlled if you are in control of your overall health. If you have any pre-existing conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia better known as prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia and autoimmune then you should consult your personal physician before starting to use VigRx Plus.

Basically, VigRx side effects are never that serious but you still need to take extra precautions for safer long term use.

What are the normal VigRX Plus Before and After Results

VigRx Plus is one of the best natural male enhancer pills and it works as advertised. Generally, people who use VigRx pills are often in need of sexual satisfaction and have serious problems with erections.

VigRx often increases the strength of your penis and makes it harder and stronger for proper erections and long lasting sexual sessions. Something that is hard if you have problems with erection.

It makes a flaccid penis fuller and harder for longer and satisfying orgasms. Likewise, your low libidos will likely skyrocket in a matter of months. Your desire to always have sex and be sexually active will be higher than usual.

Moreover, VigRx Plus supplement facts always ensure that you are in control of your erections and orgasms. It eliminates premature ejaculation and under performances during sex. VigRx pills will increase your stamina sex-wise and make your partner moan for more, which you will deliver frequently thanks to VigRx Plus.

Besides, you and your partner will always notice and feel the changes during and after sex. The experience will be very worthwhile.

However, you should note that VigRx Plus does not increase penis size but rather increases blood flow towards it for improved sexual performance.

How to take ​VigRX Plus

VigRx Plus should always be taken according to the recommended dose especially if you are a beginner. Otherwise, you might overdose and experience some drastic side effects.

Always ensure you read the dose prescription and know the possible side effects, which often vary from individual to individual.

You will need to take one pill, twice a day on a full stomach to limit the chances of experiencing any mild VigRx side effects like headaches and abnormal sweating. You can take one in the morning after breakfast and the other at night after dinner.

It is important to take note of the doses and take it within 9-12 hours apart. This will give it time to do its work in your body and most importantly in your genitals. In relation to this, always make it a habit of taking this pill the same time everyday to avoid missing a day.

But in case you miss a day, just continue with your schedule. Otherwise, your initial penile problems will come back immediately.

VigRx pills should also be taken by healthy individuals, so make sure you do not have pre-existing conditions like schizophrenia or prostate cancer when you are considering its use. But in case, just seek medical advice.

Moreover, you should be within the correct weight range for the medication to work properly without drowning you into a severe health condition.

If you follow the instruction that comes with this male enhancer then you will be fine and up to speed with your sexual activities.

You will begin to notice changes in your penis erections and your partner will definitely feel the change and vigor in you within weeks of use.

You should never take more than the recommended dose and always drink loads of water when using it to avoid dehydration.

VigRX Plus Reviews - What customers who purchased VigRX Pills said

It is entirely satisfying for you and your partner. You can never get enough especially when it starts to show its fuller results and even fuller and rock hard functional penis.

Gregory Johnson

VigRx Plus works wonders when it comes to libido and sex drive. It makes you horny 24/7 but also helps you control the orgasms and erections. You can have sex any time of the day and still be energetic for other stuff. It does not wear your body out as long as you eat healthy and exercise more often.

Henry Williams

Its money-back guarantee really works well but there is no need as VigRx Plus often works as advertised. It has no fuss and delivers the best possible results especially for a flaccid penis with premature ejaculations. It does wonders in just a matter of weeks.

Aaron Brown


There you have it a summary of what to expect when using VigRx Plus pills. Just because this natural formulation is risk-free, it does not mean you stop following some of its precautions.

So, in case you are having any small issues with your sex life from erections to sex drives then you should consider buying one of these all-natural VigRx pills, which are affordable and the best there is in today’s market.

Description: VigRX Plus a Natural Male Enhancer that has been proven to work for 90% of men by a real clinic study.
Rating: 9.2 out of 10
Price: $76.99 to $489.99USD

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