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How Max Performer Pills Work to Supercharge your Sexual Performance


Okay now you know my Motivation to buy Max Performer... Here is my honest Max Performer review

Once I hit 40, my performance like most took a real big hit, and that led me to Max Performer.

What caused it?

​​Well lots of alcohol, extra shifts at the office and my obsession with fatty foods led to absolutely zero libido. When I had to perform it was really awful and that as you may imagine meant that going steady with a girl was near impossible.

Then I found, Max Performer a product touted as the best natural male performance enhancer. Below is my full account and experienced with these penis stamina pills.

Don’t be embarrassed, you are not alone

Many of us including myself hate the idea of having to pop sex pills just to get laid. The truth is that being 40 years of age and having low libido and next to no sperm production is actually pretty normal. According to a friend who also happens to be a doctor any man from the age of 18 right up to 65 can suffer from libido, erectile dysfunction, and sperm production issues.

So, if you are one of them like me be rest assured that the performer male enhancement pills are the solution. The fact is that there are many reasons why people suffer from soft erections and low libido. Having low stamina is another issue that many men report but are too shy to talk about openly. The underlying reason for these problems all leads one or two sources issues which could either be low testosterone or lots of stress or both.

In my case, bad sexual performance meant that my personal life sucked. It was hard just trying to pick up someone because I wasn’t confident in bed. Many men I’ve spoken to over the years have simply stopped dating for fear of performance issues…if only they knew about the performer pill.

Men generally don’t like talking about their performance issues. It is seen as being a taboo subject of sorts. But powerful desire male enhancement pills can be your secret weapon. Though you need to watch out for the vast majority of scams that promise instant results but sell you duds.

Though I would never advocate using a spam product but how can you believe me? Well because I’ve used the product. And other than just making wild claims in this review and unlike other max performer reviews I read, I’ll discuss how Max Performer outperforms many other similar formulations. These are also not necessarily scams by the way, but they just aren’t as effective.

My goal with the review is to help men like me fix their performance issues, address possible max performer side effects and other aspects of this product.

Special Note: Max Performer side effects have never been reported, and even after thousands of men using it each day, none have ever been found.

Some reasons for why I purchased Max Performer at first...



  • Active ingredients include industry tested and proven herbs like horny goat weed. It is similar if not better than their synthetic penis performer pill counterparts prescribed by doctors.
  • Cost effective at just $10 a week.
  • Max Performer helps to reduce stress, improve muscle tone and sleep which directly impacts libido, and sperm production.
  • The herbal male enhancement supplement have been extensively tested and found to be the most potent male enhancement.
  • More cost-effective than prescription libido enhancement (viagra) and sperm increasing pills.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • These male sex pills work by naturally boosting your testosterone. Remember! That the reason why you can’t perform is predominantly because of low testosterone levels.
  • Zero side effects either long or short term.


  • Some ingredients used have not been part of long-term studies.

How can Max Performer be trusted?

I would personally never buy, use and recommend a product that’s not been manufactured by a reputed company. As a rule of thumb, I always do my research and so should you. This applies to any and all best natural male enhancement pills.

Max Performer is manufactured by a London, UK based company called Silver Blade Nutrition Limited. Even though it is relatively new in the industry, the company has formulated these pills based on the latest research. Plus, this is the only supplement they sell so apparently they have put in a lot of time and effort to create a killer supplement.

Since these male sexual performance pills are their only product, they want it to be the very best. That means that corners have not been cut and ingredients reduced just to meet a specific price point or production quota. Also, unlike the competition, they have focused on creating the perfect male enhancement product with only 7 ingredients. So, that obviously means that they know just how useful it is and can minimize if not eliminate all potential side effects.

What makes Max Performer Pills more effective than the competition?

When I first heard about Max Performer pills, I dug in a little deeper and found that there were many similar natural male enhancement supplements. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of products that use pretty much identical ingredients but are not as effective. Many of the competing products have thrown in every mythical herb into the mix, but the results are negligible, though because of so many different herbs added they cost a lot more in comparison.

To start with Max Performer mainly focuses on improving sexual performance by treating the source of the problem as opposed to directly tacking the male anatomy. Even though Max Performer’s formulation also increases blood flow to the penile area, it works to boost testosterone a key natural enhancement distinction. Testosterone is a male sex hormone which is not only imperative for sex but also for muscle definition, sleep, mental fatigue and overall physical well-being of a man.

Even though Performer Max only includes seven main ingredients they are meant to reduce stress, improve concentration and also improve alertness. All of these directly have an effect on libido, sperm production and your performance in bed making it the most powerful male enhancement.

In my case constantly being stressed is what was killing my sex drive. The same applies to maybe 80% of professional men in the developed world. So, by addressing that issue, my sexual performance increased 300%. Which makes it one of the best sex performance pills.

Ingredients Formulation

Unlike many other similar herbal male enhancement supplements, the company as mentioned above does not use dozens of ingredients. As a matter of fact, the only ones used have been extensively tested, shown to have positive effects on male sexual enhancement and with no side effects.

To prove that there are no Max Performer side effects we list all the ingredients and what they do below:

Horny Goats Weed: Max Performance uses 1000mg of this crazy sounding herb which is otherwise nicknamed ‘horny goat’ since it makes men horny. Even though there isn’t a great deal of research to back up the claims that it is better than prescription pharmaceutical pills, there is still enough science to conclude that it is effective. That is why it’s used in so many performance sex pills.

What Horny Goats Weed does is increase the flow of blood to your penis which ensures a stiff erection. How this is achieved is via an enzyme in our bodies called PDE5, which responsible for controlling the flow of blood in the body. Pharmaceutical pills (prescribed for erectile dysfunction) work by blocking this enzyme which in turn increases the flow of blood. However, researchers at the University of Milan in Italy have discovered that Horny Goat Weed blocks PDE5 in the same way. But that’s not all, this herb also helps with testosterone production, makes the nerve endings more sensitive and improves stamina all of which enhances sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Maca Root: Maca root has been used for centuries and is renowned for its literally dozens of health benefits one of which happens to be sexual enhancement. While many may argue that there isn’t mountains of data to support its positive effects on sexual enhancement, there is enough data to suggest that it does improve performance. Though scientists still don’t know exactly how it works…but it does! Experiments have shown a direct correlation between maca root consumption and improved sexual and sports performance. It improves stamina, strength, concentration, and endurance. So, obviously that translates to longer and better sessions in bed.

The latest research suggests that maca root is mainly rich in phytochemicals like macenes and macamides. In animal studies, these phytochemicals have shown to increase sexual enhancements and energy. So, it is an excellent addition to these mens performance pills.

Red Ginseng: One of the most sought-after herbs by Chinese doctors, it is a natural remedy for dozens of ailments ranging from low energy to a lack a lack of stamina in bed. It is regarded as being the best energy booster, and scientific studies are steadily showing that it does in fact directly improve energy levels. Though it is still largely unknown as to how the herb works.

According to research Red Korean Ginseng directly impacts the central nervous system. That impact means relief from stress, improved mental alertness, and better concentration. In my case (and in the cases of many men) the reduction of stress directly meant that I was better in bed.

Cordyceps: another herb that helps to improve blood flow which is vital to a hard erection. According to many ancient Chinese texts, this mushroom dilates the blood vessels especially around the reproductive organs to produce heightened sexual desire. Cordyceps is also known to improve cell communication by increasing the amount of oxygen retained. So, higher oxygen levels directly translates to better blood flow and higher energy as a result.

Bioperine: Extracted mainly from black pepper it is often referred to as black pepper extract. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for many centuries. The latest clinical trials have proven that this common household spice has a number of sexual enhancing properties. The first and perhaps the most important is the fact that Bioperine improves the absorption of nutrients by the body. It solves the most common problem associated with other supplements which are not fully absorbed by the body.

There is also sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that Bioperine also improves blood flow, especially towards the gut and that helps in improving digestion. Plus, it improves metabolic processes which in turn means that you feel more energetic.

Selenium: It happens to be a natural antioxidant found in some foods but mostly in the soil. The reason why this rather unsuspecting mineral has been added to Max Performer Pills is that helps with regulating the body’s core temperature and drains the toxic load.

Selenium protects cells from oxidative stress which is caused by air pollution and the chemicals in our food. It helps the tissue around the penis to relax and allow proper blood flow which leads to a good erection.

Zinc: It is a trace metal or mineral that’s located in the tissues’ nucleus. The nucleus is referred to as the command center and hence promotes and regulates recovery. Zinc is directly involved in the production of sperm and is credited with improving sperm count in infertile men. Plus, it is responsible for better, longer and stronger orgasms.

5 Reasons Why I recommend Max Performer to everyone

Now apart from the fact that Max Performer worked for me when none others did, there are many other reasons for recommending the so-called best sexual enhancement pills. The below reasons are also ones you should consider when choosing between these and others on the market:

1. It is an all-natural, herbal supplement which starts working from the time to take it.
2. Apart from curing my sexual performance issues, it improved my brain function, physical strength, and I even put on some muscle.
3. Max Performer side effects are unheard of, no addiction problems or any issues associated with this supplement.
4. You can never overdose on these Max Performer, unlike prescription drugs.
5. No prescription required for pills for better sex yet it works as good if not better than prescription drugs.

Apart from all the reasons above you have nothing to lose with the company’s 100-day money back guarantee! Click here to find out more.

If these male stamina pills don’t work for you just send the bottle back to the company and get your money back!

Answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by readers

  • How often should you take Max Performer pills?
  • The recommended dosage is two pills a day either with or before a meal. Personally, I find that taking it with breakfast gives me a good boost for the entire day. Some Max Performer reviews I’ve read suggest that taking it with milk is improves its effectiveness.
  • What if I miss a day?
  • Ideally, you will want to take two pills every day without fail for maximum effect. However, if you do miss a day just continue with two pills the next day. There is no need to take four or three pills the following day. Though these new male enhancement pills will not kill you if taken more than two or four but they also won’t be significantly beneficial.
  • When will I notice changes in my sex life?
  • That’s the question I had before starting. But as I soon found out it is different for everyone. For me the results during the first week were negligible. The second week was from when the supplement kicked in, and I started feeling less stressed, had slightly higher libido and felt my digestion improve. The third week was when I began to see increase stamina in bed with the pills, had erections increased and my ejaculation was more pleasurable than ever before.
  • Is Max Performer as good as prescription drugs for sexual enhancement?
  • There hasn’t been a real world study which compared the two. However, many have said that Max Performer is on par with these prescription sexual performance pills but minus any side effects. It goes without saying that most if not all sexual enhancement prescription drugs come with a long list of side effects which is why Max Performer is a better option.

Max Performer Reviews – Real Customer Testimonials I've found on the internet

I had the worst ever private life you could think of because of low libido. My wife hated me, and I thought my marriage was about to collapse. However, I took a chance on Max Performer and never looked back. Today, I don’t even have to take it every day, but my libido is at an all-time high.

Conner Riley

Max Performer really works, and I can’t believe it. Just a week into taking it and my libido is back. I feel less stressed and can go at it twice a day…my significant other loves the new me, which essentially rescued our marriage. I can’t thank Max Performer enough!!

Ray Flamingo

I couldn’t get hard, and I was really embarrassed about it. I kept thinking about consulting a doctor, but it’s not that easy. After hearing so much about Max Performer, I gave it a shot. I sleep better, I’ve lost some weight, and I’m more energetic…this stuff really works guys!

Bryan Alden


After one year of using and benefiting from Max Performer pills, I can tell you that it works. Numerous studies as mentioned above prove that every ingredient boosts testosterone, energy and alertness. Plus, its cost effective, comes with a money back guarantee and is shipped across the world for free! Now if that isn’t reason enough to try it then I don’t know what is… Highly recommended!

Description: Max Performer is currently the most advanced Natural Male Enhancement Pill on the market. It is known to be very effective and without major side effects.
Rating: 9.8 out of 10
Price: $59 to $207USD

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