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When it comes to trying out Male Enhancement Pills, I’m probably the most willing guinea pig according to my wife. I see it as making an effort! As someone who has suffered from sexual performance issues since my early 30s, trying every medication and supplement under the sun has been somewhat of a hobby.

However, that hobby as most including myself refer to it means that I now know which supplements work and which are as good as putting your money down the drain. In this somewhat detailed overview of the best male enlargement pills, I will attempt to unbox everything you should know about them.

Most of all I will reveal if they work and why they work. So, that you don’t end up going on the same long-winded twisted road of trying every male sexual enhancement pill out there.

Different Dick Pills That Make Your Penis Bigger or Cause Sexual Enhancement

To make things easier for everyone, I’m not going to list every dick pill, I’ve tried over the years. However, what I have is a list of what for me are the best penis pills. These pills have worked for me, and I continue to use them. So, there is a good chance these will work for you too.

#1 - Max Performer

Rated #1



Max Performer Male Enhancement
When it comes to Male Enhancement Pills, Max Performer is one you’ve probably heard a lot about. I did too. That’s a lot of publicity for a product launched as recently as 2015.

Max Performer is manufactured and sold by Silver Blade Nutrition LTD. It is not a drug like Viagra or Cialis as some people may assume. It is a herbal formula that contains natural ingredients like Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Cordyceps and Maca root amongst a few other things.

Since I started taking this libido booster for men, things took a 180-degree turn in a matter of weeks. My stamina, sex drive, and overall erections improved tremendously. I have experienced more sexual pleasure with Max Performer than with any other formulation. I would go so far as to say it is the best stay hard pills.

#2 - Male Extra



Male Extra Male Enhancement
Male Extra penis supplement has been on the market since 2009, and I’ve used quite a bit of it over the past few years. In my opinion, Wolfson Berg Limited (sounds as though they are a pharma company) has done a brilliant job with the product which, probably is their own star product.

I first used Male Extra as a freebie a few years back, and it had little effect on me. However, the recent change to its formula did yield many positive benefits which are why it has made it to my no.2 spot.

Compared to other penis growth pills Male Extra does not make any tall promises. It does not promise you’ll add inches in weeks, nor does it swear to provide Viagra-like instant effects. However, what they do promise is better libido, harder erections, and sustained sexual pleasure. Though getting there requires time. In my case, that time was six weeks, but your mileage may vary.

The formulation currently consists of Cordyceps, L-Arginine, Zinc, and Pomegranate extract. Compared to the old formula this one is a bomb, and you can experience results in around 2-3 months’ time. However, I’m told that your age, current level of health and other factors do play an important role. It is, for this reason, I’d recommend visiting a doctor prior to deciding to take these dick pills.

#3 - VigRX Plus

Rated #3



VigRX Plus Male Enhancement
When it comes to erection pills, VigRX Plus has been making waves since 2013. However, I didn’t try it until late 2015, and by then I had tried many other herbal supplements.

My initial assessment of VigRX Plus was that it kept me rock hard long for a pretty extended time. Leading Edge Health the company that manufactures VigRX Plus have since then revised and improved their formula which too I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

The old formula was pretty darn good. Not only did it give me an excellent erection but it also took my libido up a notch. The only problem was that it wasn’t as fast acting as the other male enhancement pills that I’ve used. However, the company changed all that by revising the formula. The latest formula contains Ginseng, Epimedium, Catuaba, and Damiana.

The latest formula starts working in a matter of days. I at first began to experience my libido rise. Then my erections got stronger to the point where I couldn’t remember the last time they were this hard. What’s more, my sex drive improved significantly, and my semen volume more than doubled.

The only drawback, in my opinion, is that it is slightly more expensive than the other stuff I’ve tried. However, if you want a fast acting formula with no side effects, then this is one supplement I’d recommend highly.

#4 - Volume Pills

Rated #4



Volume Pills Male Enhancement
If rock hard long and strong pills mixed with more volume in your semen is what you are looking for, then Volume Pills is the product to go for as the name does what it suggest.

Volume Pills is one of the leading herbal supplements when it comes to boosting semen volume. If you are ejaculating anywhere between 3 to 5 ml, then there is nothing to worry about because that’s considered normal. However, if you’re anything like me and doing something like 1ml on average, then there is a lot you need to worry about.

I first took Volume Pills when it was sent to me as a sample. I assumed it was meant to make my dick harder and last longer in bed. However, after taking it for a few weeks, it dawned on me that the primary goal was to increase semen volume because that’s what I was experiencing week after week. The dick hardening and more extended sessions in bed were a consequence of having more semen to ejaculate. That’s why its safe to say that Volume Pills also doubles as a dick hardening supplement.

Now that you know how to cum more it is essential to understand what’s included in the formulation. It contains zinc, Ling Zhi, Emblica Officinalis, Fucus Vesiculosus, Hong Hua Fen, Rou Gai, Tian Men Dong, Xian Mao, Dong Chong Xia Cao, San Guo Mu, Ku Ga, and 4,5,7 trihydroxyflavone.

Perhaps the only drawback is that the effects you experience from taking Volume Pills are gradual. It takes time to actually add a few mls to your semen volume, but when it (Volume Pills) does kick in, the feeling is incomparable.

#5 - ProSolution Plus

Rated #5



ProSolution Plus Male Enhancement
ProSolution Plus is one of the first dick pills I tried back in 2010. By all means, these are some strong pills. However, the reason why I’ve ranked this at the bottom of my list has nothing to do with its effectiveness. While the old formula as very good it did have some undesirable side effects. I experienced a few of those side effects, but a few weeks later they wore off. But that was not the case for many other people I guess.

The new cock enlargement formula by Leading Edge Health tends to do away with many if not all the adverse effects associated with the pills. The latest formula includes Mucuna, Tribulus, Shatavari, and Withania.

While it is which is based on my experience one of the best male enlargement pills. However, it is better suited for guys who suffer from premature ejaculation than those who are having erection problems.

Even though I’m not a premature ejaculate and never had that problem, I still used ProSolution Plus for 60 days. In my experience, there was a big difference in my control and stamina. However, nothing marginally different from the other products I talked about above. However, my friends with premature ejaculation issues have used it, and all of them have great things to say about it.

Many have managed to overcome the stress of marital sex which was leading them down the route to divorce. So, if its premature ejaculation that you need to fix then ProSolution Plus is the solution! Perhaps they should reconsider its marketing angle.

Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Yes, natural male enhancement pills do work but not as fast acting as their pharmaceutical counterparts. The important thing to understand about a herbal or natural penis supplement for men is that it does not instantly work on the stimulus receptors the way drugs do.

When you use a natural supplement, it works to overcome the reason for you not being able to get a hard erection or a lack of semen. Take for instance having a lack of semen could be because of low zinc levels something which supplements like Volume Pills include, it could be a hormonal issue which is corrected by the use of ginseng or horny goat weed.

Ginseng and horny goat weed are known libido booster for men, but they don’t work overnight. Consider the fact that your body takes time to absorb and adjust to a new source of nutrients. That said that time which you allow for the body to adapt also means that these herbal remedies or supplements don’t have side effects. However, if they don’t work, they will not kill you like prescription drugs. You can’t overdose on male enhancement pills, but instead, waste our money taking too much for no reason. Plus, you also need to watch out for many fakes that use similar names and formulations but don’t quite have the same effectiveness.

So, yes! They do work, but it takes time which usually is a matter of weeks and not hours. But the very positive effect of those natural male enhancers is that they work on your body health and improve whatever is missing.

Male Enhancement Pills That Work Fast

When many people ask can a penis be enlarged what they actually mean is can you add size naturally without any side effects. The answer to this is yes cock enlargement does work naturally, but some supplements work better and faster than others. So, the next logical question is which pills work quickly?

Well for starters the pills I have listed above work the fastest in my experience. Obviously, your experience may differ based on numerous factors that are hard to foresee without a proper scientific study. That’s something I’m not qualified enough to commence.

When in the market for a male enhancement product there are a number of features that you need look at before making a decision. The first being the formula. Make sure that the formula contains ingredients like horny goat weed, ginseng and other herbs that are proven to work to enhance male sexual health.

The next thing you should do is to search for independent reviews such as the extensive one I’ve written. The more positive reviews you find stating the product works fast, the more it can be trusted. The only problem though is that there are many new brands that use doctored and paid reviews to earn trust. So, it pays to be vigilant enough to filter out fact from fiction.

Finally, try to procure samples. Use a sample for a few weeks to figure out if it works fast enough. Generally, in the natural herbal realm, five weeks is fast. If you’ve used a product for five weeks and you see little in the way of increased semen, improved libido, etc. then it is fair to assume that it isn’t fast acting. That being said the male enhancement pills listed above are some of the fastest acting you’ll find.

However, to make sure that these work for you by ordering a few weeks’ worth of each product listed above and stick with what works the fastest for you. It is the best way not to end up with duds and a huge hole in your wallet with nothing to show your partner in bed!

Which are the Best Sex Pills Worth Buying?

All of the outlined Male Enhancement Pills gave me very good results, but I got the best results with Max Performer.

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