Best way to impress your girlfriend

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Best way to impress your girlfriend

Increased Semen Volume through Pills

Men are totally insecure and conscious, endlessly comparing ourselves to others and challenging ourselves to do better when the topic goes down to sex. Either it’s the penis size or the semen volume, everything turns out to be like a competition in proving masculinity. Infertility has become a globally expanding problem affecting to not just the individual who’s suffering from it but to both couples inside the affected relationship. While infertility is not always treatable, focus first on improving your general health as your body condition determines the outcome. It can sometimes be recovered with a healthy diet, vitamins and herbal supplements, and most of all, a healthy living. There are a lot of enhancement pills and potions, and even devices that are advertised on the market that could allure you on how to increase semen volume, change your sexual life, and even boost your confidence.

The best and natural thing to increase semen volume and at the same time, impressing your girlfriend is committing to a healthy lifestyle just like spending some time for a daily exercise and quitting the abusive habit of utilizing cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Even excessive eating could lead to obesity and further health complications including a man’s capability of producing healthy semen volume. Exercising not only improves your body forms but it also raises your testosterone levels and generates better semen quality compared to men who are inactive, thus, should become one of your top priorities. However, extreme exercise may have the opposite effect and possibly lessen testosterone levels.

Another factor that could determine how to increase semen volume is your exposure and management to stress, as this mental or emotional strain may reduce your sexual satisfaction and as its continuity raises levels of cortisol, which has strong negative effects on testosterone forcing it to go down, in return could weaken your fertility.  Sufficient absorption of vitamin C which is an antioxidant has the power to overcome such harmful effects on testosterone and are proven and tested to revitalize semen quality, sperm count and mobility, diminishing the numbers of damaged sperm cells.

Another way to improve your semen volume is to drink plenty of water, perform Kegel workouts, avoid wearing tight underwear as it will raise the scrotal temperature decreasing sperm and semen levels, and refrain from orgasms possibly for three days in order to replenish sperm cells and increase your sperm count.

According to a recent study, men who are unsatisfied with the volume of their semen discharge experience mental and emotional tensions regarding their sexual performance. We are the ones who give meaning to how much we ejaculate and see it as a discrepancy. Yes, believing that more semen makes you more masculine and can make you more fertile is a positive thing, but dwelling on it sometimes lead to negativities on our own way of thinking. And if you really are concerned about fertility issues, then the best thing to do is seek an advice with fertility doctor or sexual health experts and avoid getting easily captivated to the promises offered by purchasing and utilizing some pills and potions on the Web.