5 Things Your Girl Will Love During Sex

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5 Things Your Girl Will Love During Sex

Satisfaction of women and Jelqing

Nowadays, men found their partner being open when talking about sexual intimacy especially how they wanted it to be done in the bed.

Certain openness doesn’t give a negative reflection towards women, instead of a greater perception as they have now the courage to speak for things they wanted to happen even their private matters.

If you have the incapability when it comes to providing satisfaction, then switching to a healthy lifestyle and exercise routines would be the best alternative you could basically think of.

Talking about healthy lifestyle means preventing your delicate body from being harmed or abused, such as an immoderate consumption of alcoholic drinks and exposure to narcotics and nicotine compounds.

And when it comes to exercise routines doesn’t only signify of things that could be done inside the gym lifting heavy weights but by means of giving your own manhood the particular exercise to enhance its functionality and purpose.

The most applicable, especially for beginners, is jelqing, but before trying to perform its steps, one must know how jelqing method works, its impact on the male sexual organ and the jelqing results.

Jelqing exercise is a proper and natural home treatment concerning male enhancement conditions, which can give incredible gains if executed precisely and carefully.

Actually, there is no standard approach in performing this method but all you have to do is to be aware of things you need to avoid and when should this be done.

Sex, in the very first place, especially when you both don’t have the plan to experience an unexpected pregnancy but both wanted to still experience pleasure without boundaries is very tricky.

  1. Women want to take greater time for foreplays

Most men thought that women only feel aroused whenever the male organ find its way inside but this is a misconception as basically, the most sensual and sensitive part of a woman is her clitoris which is situated visibly outside her vagina.

  1. A woman loves to hear her man moans

Women find it so hot and sexy when guys curse and moan in pleasure during sex though commonly you could only hear men boast how sexy their partner groans in bed.

  1. Wait for her to reach the orgasm before you fire up and pass out

It is such a disappointment whenever someone felts displeasure right? Even if it’s the man or the woman, it doesn’t matter who has gained the greater pleasure in bed, both must obtain equal sexual experience and contentment. Basically, a woman has its own tricky and weird way to get aroused and fire up so be sure to wait for her orgasm and you can go along with whenever it arrives or wait for it to be finished then you can have yours done.

  1. Create a kiss trail

Find her sensitive areas using your tongue or lips and you can even find your own trail from her neck all the way down and you could surely hear her unending groans.

  1. Be a wanderer

Instead of settling to a single position because it is both you habituated, trying different positions would add spice to your romantic sessions and you also gain certain knowledge finding the right position for your partner that would surely hit the target on the mark.

There are a lot of things that a woman wants to do in bed and mostly performed by her partner. But always remember that in sex, it doesn’t have to be thinking of fulfilling your partner’s need but also addressing your own pleasure and sustaining satisfactions for you both.