3 Methods that can help to increase penis girth and how to apply

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3 Methods that can help to increase penis girth and how to apply

Jelq and Girth

There are three methods that can help you to increase your penis girth and you’ll just have to suit which one perfectly fits your budget, time, and courage. Will it be through the enhancement pill, potions, or surgeries, the variety of penile enhancement devices, or through natural exercises? One of the well- sought penile enhancement strategy nowadays is the exercise which is completely natural, instead of purchasing some enhancement pill online or referred from a friend and got scammed. It is a basic method that is perfectly effective when it comes to your own time management and privacy. One of these exercise techniques is the jelq method through which if done during your early stage of adolescence and continued until the adulthood, according to several enthusiasts, it can guarantees to over 10 inches in length and 7 inches in circumference enlargement of one’s penis. But how could this be possible? Others may find this well fitted on a “too good to be true” viewpoint but the cycles and duration of this method is not a joke and could ease an individual’s doubtful mind. This exercise primarily boosts the blood flow into the corpora cavernosa that will intensify the growth of the shaft cells and increase its size, and tears down the muscle fibers enabling it to grow firmer and bigger.

Mostly beginners happened to experienced minor bruises or slight red bumps at the head of the penis that will disappear spontaneously as they are still acquiring the estimation of the right pressure and interval of doing the cycles until they’ll get used to it. But experiencing such condition could be prevented by just beginning this exercise gently and then slowly increase the speed of doing it until you completely adapt to it and the amount of pressure that should be used differs from one man to another, depending on one’s tolerance to pain.

Follow these simple steps below to assist you in your jelqing journey:

  1. Before you start, make sure to allow adequate time to perform a simple but proper warm-up and make it a habit. And right before the warm-up phase, lube up your hands as well as your penis shaft using the water-based lubricant and avoid using the oil-based for the convenience when it comes to cleaning, achieving the desired 50% up to 75% of erection level to secure gains. Never attempt to proceed to jelqing when you have a 100% erection as it may usually result in a soft tissue and nerve deterioration.
  2. Form an OK-shaped gesture by joining your thumb and index finger and grasp the base of your manhood in between.
  3. Fix your grip as close to your pubic bone as possible and tighten its grip to trap the blood in your shaft applying the adequate pressure.
  4. Gently slide your hand up to the glans and stop just before it reaches it, applying enough pressure with your grip to force blood up your penis and this motion is already counted as the first cycle. Remember, don’t ever jelq your glans as it could lead to a loss of its sensitivity.
  5. And now, use your other hand to grip the base of your cock using the OK-shaped gesture just like the first one, retaining its last position.
  6. Now you can release your first hand that is gripping right before your glans and turn back to step 2 following the other steps just right next to it until you attain the desired number of cycles to be completed or as soon as you begin to sense any pain or discomfort. Start with a small number of repetitions and then increase it gradually.
  7. And lastly, don’t forget to spare some time for the cool-down phase.

Obtaining the first apparent gain with a consistent and established exercising mostly take around two to three weeks as it is a manual exercise which denotes to the capability of the cells to repair and regenerate. When you finally gained the desired length and thickness of your manhood, maintain performing some slight and easy penis exercises to get your gains permanent.