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Top rated male sexual enhancement supplements you can trust!

I tested myself 18 different products and created this site to share my experiences. It was a great experience… but I have to say that not all of those products are equally strong performers!

Who am I?

My name is Bill Jeffrey and like you, I searched for sites like this one to find the “miracle product” that could help me with my erection problems. For this reason I started to test products and what happened? The first three products had literally no beneficial effect for my problem.

I learned the hard way that many of those testimonial-sites just published fake reviews and have not tested the products themselves with the target just making some quick bucks through promoting.

Up to date I have tested 18 different products that claim to be “the best on the market” and I can confirm from my experience that most of those products simply do not work.

For this reason I created this website: I want to give my audience accurate, real and honest reviews of the best male enhancement pills available, so you can save a lot of your hard earned money, time and nerves.

Why natural enhancer instead of prescription drugs like Viagra or Cialis?

I decided to go with natural male enhancer for the following reasons:

  • It is a Lot Cheaper 
  • Not Having to Explain my Problem to Someone Else (like a doctor)
  • Positive Long-Term Effects on the Health (Natural Ingredients like Vitamins)

I know there are dozens of other reasons for why people should rather use Natural Enhancers instead of Viagra or Cialis – I just wanted to outline the most important reasons for me.

Out of the 18 products that I have tested extensively and at least for the prescribed amount of time, I have honestly to say that the following 5 male enhancers were by far the most effective and all of them are worth a try!

Note:Max Performer is the one that worked the very best for me. This is also the reason, why I have put it on #1 in my comprehensive Top-5-Table of Best Male Enhancement Pills below.

Product name Price per box Rating
Max Performer


3 month supply


Male Extra


4 month supply


VigRX Plus


3 month supply


Volume Pills


3 month supply


Prosolution Pills


3 month supply